A bit of yard work

We have a beautiful lilac bush by the back of our house, eight feet tall and covered in purple flowers, and right where the contractors need to dig a trench while redoing the foundation. So my wife has been asking me to move it, and after my success with day lilies at the community garden on the weekend, I felt confident enough to take a shovel and try to do this.

Lilacs don’t have deep root systems, but they have wide ones, extending out a metre in every direction from the centre of the bush. So there was lots of digging and hacking and pulling out roots, before I finally managed to get under the bush and lever the whole thing up and out of the soil.

Cue lots of roaring from me as I heaved the bush into a wheelbarrow and then dragged it up two steps into our patio, then across the grass and into a hole I’d dug by the fence. Hopefully I haven’t killed it and it recovers in its new position, where we can see it. (Previously our neighbours had a great view of it but it was pretty invisible to us, so I think that’s an improvement.)

Because I haven’t mowed the lawn since September, the grass is almost a foot high, and the kids were happily running around it it or trying to make nests. When I got the mower out they began to scream at me that it was their property, and refused to let me mow a great swathe of it. So I’ve chopped some of the grass back, but got yelled at some more, by little humans who don’t really understand property rights or whether we should trim the lawn back.

Now I felt mostly ok, so I’m waiting to see if excessive tree moving is going to surprise me by making my body too sore to get up tomorrow. I really hope I’m capable of getting the girls to school and back…

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