A blur

I don’t remember much of today at all; I woke up early, played a fun game of Blood Bowl that ended with a 3-2 loss in the final turn (the best way to go with anything) and then it gets vague.
I had work to do with my electrician at the house (tidying up the electrical panel, planning things out) and then I drove down to help out with the homeless. Then I was meant to have another Blood Bowl match (in person this time) but that got rescheduled to the evening, so instead I went home and tried to deal with the kids before dinner.

After dinner and bedtime, back down to near the stadium district to play the second game of Blood Bowl – a practice match vs somebody who’s never played before, to encourage him to take up the game. And without meaning to, I demolished his team – three dead before half time. Dice can be mean sometimes. He seemed happy enough with it though, so there’s always that.

Then home to bed. Thinking tomorrow will be less vague. Or maybe it’ll blur away 🙂

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