A burning sensation

I slept fitfully last night, waking up several times, before finally rising St 545 for an early game of Blood Bowl with somebody in Australia. I lost 3-2, which was a terrific result giving I’d expected to lose 5-0 like I did last week. I played a second game after that and won 2-1, so on aggregate I’m drawing this weekend.

After that, I drove to Bothell and talked to a woman about the enormous shed I’m planning. If I get permission, it will take up 160 square feet in the back garden, and enable me to do my hang board training inside a nice warm, dry environment that won’t require drilling holes in the walls of our house.

I drove home, bought some staples for the house like toilet brushes and butter (not to be used simultaneously, I must note) and panicked that I haven’t done enough for the return of my family.

Their plane from Calgary was due in at 2:30 this afternoon, and I had carefully schemed a way to go climbing first and then drive to the airport to pick them up. But my fact-finding trip to the world of sheds had taken too long, and I would have only managed 20 minutes climbing before having to hit the road. So instead I wasted half an hour playing Forza Horizon 4 – Lego Edition, and then drove to the airport.

Getting there was simple. Parking was not – an odyssey where I drove up a spiral for seven levels before finally finding a space, about a Mike’s walk from the terminal. I got to the baggage carousel about the same time as my wife and kids, who didn’t quite recognise me, after my shave and haircut. Which is to say my wife and kids think I look like a tramp. Ah well.

We drove them all back home, and happily both my new credit card and my chiminea had arrived. The credit card means I now have the same access to credit I had in Singapore and Hong Kong for years, and the chiminea is a little pot bellied fireplace made of heat treated steel. La Serpiente helped me screw it together today, a nice father-daughter bonding experience where she got to learn what washers and socket sets are, and I practiced not swearing when parts of the chiminea didn’t fit together properly.

Oh, and we have four varieties of apple growing in our garden!

When it came to the time for the girls to go to sleep (11pm Halifax time) Destroyer began to wail that she wanted to ride her scooter, and then both children decided first to sleep together (which is annoying when you’ve bought them a rather pricey bunk bed set) and then to sleep on the floor (which made me question why we worried about beds for them at all).

They were asleep in 15 minutes and so I went to try out my new toy, by burning things. And then I remembered that though we have kindling and paper, we had no way to actually light them. I prevailed on a friend who lives nearby and has matches. (They turned out to be commemorative matchbooks from her wedding, which is not so great but that’s a different story.)

I lit my fire. There was lots of smoke billowing around, and then it was rather pretty for a while, and then it went out, and we sat in the dark for a while regarding the stars. There aren’t many streetlights in this part of Seattle, which isn’t great for getting home without tripping over things or walking into a tree, but it gives rather pretty night skies. Or we can watch the planes fly over. And so my Saturday draws to a close. There will be more incendiary action tomorrow, and then on Labor Day as well…

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