A busy day

I did quite a bit today; I picked up a rental car, drove to Kent, played two matches of Blood Bowl with a friend as we tested out some rule variations (I won 2-0 then lost 3-0), then drove back to Seattle and did almost two hours of bouldering before I admitted I was totally worn out, and then went home.
By then it was a bit late, too late to go shopping, so dinner was a can of beer drunk while watching the Ken Russell classic, The Lair Of The White Worm, a totally over the top film that strangely started Hugh Grant, Amanda Donoghue and Peter Capaldi. The 1980s were a wonderful time.

I had to stay up late because I had another Blood Bowl match to play online, one which was a little depressing because the opposing team was so much better than us that we were pretty much wiped off the pitch. It’s the worst result the team has ever had (a 5-0 defeat) and the depressing is more than there wasn’t anything I felt I could do to prevent it. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Or at least, onwards and off to bed..

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  1. I get a solo day in the office on Mondays so it looks like this is going to be on the Prime Video player, if it’s allowed through the work filter.

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