A busy weekend of Bowls

Yesterday I got up at 7 and drove down to Kent to participate in a Blood Bowl tournament, which had the added rule that you could donate money to charity to buy rerolls and other capabilities for your team. I think this was also an interesting psychological experiment to help you price your desire to win.

I went home at the end in second place, having put $70 into the pot, and winning two games, drawing my last one, and inflicting lots of casualties. My first game was against dwarfs, a match up I dread, but I managed to win 2-1 despite only having five players for the second half. The second match I had hot dice and almost wiped my opponent off the pitch, and then the third went similar but I couldn’t quite hold him off from a late equaliser.

Then home (late), mentally exhausted, and then back out to pick up friends for dinner and drinks, which meant I was a bit of a wreck today. We took the girls ice skating, watched the Super Bowl, then everyone faded out in the evening. And on to the next great adventure!

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