A clean bike is a wonderful thing

Having now done more than 400 miles on my electric bike, I’m more than ever convinced how glorious it is. I can put children on the back of it,I can commute to work without exhausting myself and I can even do the grocery shopping. I could do with more panniers (one project is to add a rack on the front as well as the rest, to accomdate more stuff) but generally it’s the bike I had been hankering after for a long time.
It’s also quite dirty after 400 miles, so today’s delivery of bike cleaner was welcome. My daughters have been looking for chores to do so they can get money, and I think a dollar for clearing my bike is going to be good. A superogatory act like that is deserving of pay in a way that a regular household task is not.

Tomorrow I have the day off, so an extravaganza of Lego is planned. I’m looking forward to this as much as the girls are. La Serpiente is clearly so excited that she decided to climb into bed with me rather than sleep in her own,and is now snoring away next to me,same as every other night.

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