A close shave

I got my beard trimmed today, because while it hasn’t been getting noticeably longer, it’s got bushier and bushier, and if I fidget and worry at it, it then grows in size to a ridiculous degree. I didn’t want to get it shaved off completely though, because I have loads of shavi g supplies in Singapore and so I’m not buying even more razors and creams here when I can retrieve them in less than two weeks.
So instead, a woman with a bleached blonde quiff and the sides of her head shaved went at me with some clippers, and now I don’t get hair caught in my mouth when I eat.

It’s odd to be shaved. I suppose there’s no social requirement to make awkward conversation, as you can’t move your mouth while there are blades flashing around it. But it’s also odd to have somebody stare so intently at your face, while holding a razor. Or perhaps that’s just my phobias coming to the fore.

Anyway, cleaned up, I went home from the office, recorded 15 minutes of bedtime story for the girls, then went to bed myself. This weekend will be my first without a Blood Bowl tournament since I arrived in America. How will I fill my days?

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