A cold day in the tropics

It rained all day today, sometimes a drizzle, sometimes a deluge, but it never stopped. Looking out the windows of my office, Singapore faded out of view and then reappeared, a gray ghost of its usual self. The rain came in sheets, it came in drips, it turned to steam above the air conditioning vents on the roofs of every hotel, but it never stopped coming.

A day like this is literally downcast. A rainy day in Seattle can be a gorgeous sight, all rich wet greenery on the hills, but damp Singapore is just a photocopy of a watercolour, all pigment drained from it. I sat at my desk and tried to self-medicate with a Crunchie, then went and meditated in a quiet room as though that would bring the sun back.

It rained so much that it got cold; the temperature was down to below 23 degrees at one point. I worried this would mean the session at the track would be called off, but come rain, shine or pollution, the run goes on.

I sandbagged it today by going into one of the slower groups and running 5x1000m. I tried to do a stable 1:40 every lap, and ran slightly faster than that every time. Which is a victory of common sense if nothing else. And now, after an interminable ride home on the train, still cold, I’m ready for bed. How could Singapore be so cold?

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