A day in Halifax

I spent all morning doing very little at all, taking advantage of the kids being out to catch up on my indolence.
In the afternoon we took the girls over to Halifax for lunch (upmarket grilled cheese sandwiches and jam on toast) before walking around the waterfront and also checking out the art gallery, which had some fun pieces like a ceramic frog having a bath with some beavers, and the very entertaining Miss Chief’s Wet Dream.

Along the way, the children squabble about a few things, principally whether La Serpiente could wear sandals (she can’t right now, because she has a cut on her foot we want to protect) and whether Destroyer could have dessert before finishing her main course. In both cases the complaint was that this wasn’t fair. Eventually, under interrogation I got Destroyer to define that "fair" means when you want something and somebody else won’t let you have it. I then pointed out that as life isn’t fair, and as I have more years studying moral philosophy than she has been walking this earth for, that wasn’t going to cut it as justification for getting her own way.

And then I realised I’d also used an ad hominem argument to support my case, but neither child picked up on this. Oh, the consolations of philosophy…

This evening I prepared for tomorrow’s tournament by playing two Blood Bowl matches online, one in which I played dreadfully and lost 3-1 (almost 4-1 so I suppose that saved my blushes somewhat) and then a second where I squeaked a victory with my mutant rats, despite being down to 8 players at half time. (I was terribly unlucky in the first half, and terribly lucky in thr second.) And thus to bed…

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