A day of Blood Bowl

Today I helped organise a Blood Bowl tournament. Because of the coronavirus there’s no meeting up to play, so instead I sorted out online games for myself and 15 other people.
This was quite stressful, because as well as playing, for the first hour I was trying to sort out technical problems on other people’s laptops (and where the instructions for them were "enable Java" and they’d refuse to, and then complain things didn’t work) and after that, some esoteric settings when we’d created the tournament meant people were unable to upgrade their team after each match. To be fair, we also disabled the function where people lose players from their team through death and injury, so people should have been content.

Anyway, I had two 1-1 draws and then an awful finishing game where I lost 4-0. I don’t normally want to blame dice but I was very, very unlucky throughout the final match. I had players fainting from heat exhaustion, my opponent kept rolling advantageous kick off events and then when I tried to do most things, my supposedly agile team fell over, failed to pick up the ball and did nothing right. So that was an aggravating end to it. At least that game was over quickly.

Then I went outside and helped to weed the garden for a bit and work with La Serpiente on her unicycle practise. She’s now so confident and adept, it’s quite amazing. Tomorrow we have a big bike ride, a chance for my wife to get a rest after her day of Blood Bowl widowhood.

And then in the evening I played two more games of Blood Bowl, glutton for punishment that I am. I lost one 2-0 (my goal was to lose by less than 4-0, so that sort of worked) and then a 1-0 loss. So perhaps I’m getting closer…

And so to bed. Kids are full of pizza, we had red wine, all is good.

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  1. Exactly how I feel after a run of backgammon losses, eventually the tide turns as do the die.

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