A day of shopping

We took the kids to REI this morning to buy La Serpiente trousers for her birthday, and the girls played and played in the tree house there until we dragged them out. When we got them home, they were fairly obnoxious until I took them out again to go look at bunk beds.
There’s a bed shop up near the highway. To get there, you take the 70 bus from South Lake Union 12 stops, which gives your children time to play Peppa Pig Painting on your phone until it crashes, and then try to lick the handrail on the bus.

When you get off the bus, it’s about a 15 minute walk up a hill, over the freeway and past a homeless campsite. So far the children haven’t asked why there are destitute people living in tents by the side of the road, while we have an apartment that we don’t pay for. Then again, they’re also asleep while the shouts late at night from drunk or unwell people drift in through our windows. I guess this has to be explained at some point.

But for now, we went to the bed shop, the bed was something they loved, and then my wife came over to sign off on the aesthetics. We looked at tables and sofas, then went over the road to the cannabis shop to buy some CBD skin balm. (This is a skin salve made with a cannabis extract that is meant to be good for your skin but not have any narcotic qualities. It still says on the jar that you shouldn’t use it and operate heavy machinery, and again, the children really didn’t understand why they can’t go into the shop, but I took them next door and bought comics and that placated them.)

Finally, we went to look at electric bikes. There’s an electric bike shop in Ballard selling bikes that are a third of the price of other ones, and I’m tempted as a means to transport the children around. It should really wait until we have a house and a shed to store them in.

Oh. I forgot to buy a shed this weekend. One more thing to worry about.

We went for pizza, advertised as thin crust but not thin enough, the kids played cornhole for a while, then we went home and had the girls asleep near instantly. We were too tired to capitalise on this opportunity to have our own lives, and dumbed out in front of the TV for a bit. Onwards, ever onwards.

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