A day off and a free wash

I was woken by La Serpiente early this morning and put her back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep myself after 4am, and so I spent the whole day exhausted, blundering from nap to nap. Today is my first day of a month’s holiday, my enlightened employer giving us all a month off after five years’ toil.

I spent this mostly moving things around; we have to vacate the house where we’ve been bunnysitting for the last month, and we have grand plans for our camping trip, but in practice that meant I have been lumping huge boxes full of stuff up and down stairs all day. In total, I did a faintly ridiculous 15,000 steps, and that includes falling asleep three times today.

I also decided to get the car washed today. It’s utterly filthy and so I drove to our nearest car wash, only to find that the machine that provides tokens for you to pay for your wash… wasn’t accepting credit cards. First I thought I’d maxed my card out, but that wasn’t the case; it wasn’t accepting any cards, and I had only a single dollar in cash, not enough to buy tokens.

Then some kindly gent gave me five tokens out of the goodness of his heart, so I got a free car wash – I guess that removes some of the expense of car ownership. I doubt that works every week, of course.

I carried on moving stuff and packing stuff and guessing at what we can / cannot take. Tomorrow morning we try to shove it all in the car and we’ll have to see what happens …

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