A day off, rushing about

We had a relaxed start to the day and as a result made the ferry crossing with a minute to spare, but we still made it, which is what counts. We drove to Port Gamble like usual, the kids gambolled for a bit and then we went over to the Finn River Cidery.
They have two free car chargers there, so I hooked up the car and got another 50 miles of range in the battery while we had lunch, then we bought 12 bottles of cider and drove to the Eaglemount Cidery, bought six more, and then drove to a beach, where I was disgusted by sand getting between my toes, and the girls liked the water.

Ice cream, then back in the car and a drive back to the ferry, which again we only made with a couple of minutes to spare, and then home again. So a relaxing day this was not, but filled with good timing. Back to work tomorrow, then La Serpiente’s birthday on Friday…

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