A day off

Friday night is pizza night so, on the way home from the office, I bought a margarita pizza for the three of us to share, and forgot to take my card with me after I’d paid. I only realized this a couple of hours later, when I was trying to book flights, and so I had to trudge back to the restaurant to retrieve my card. The pizzeria is on Club Street, which on a Friday night is closed to traffic and full of an army of drinkers, and on the way back I ran into a clutch of my colleagues, drinking away. (I also saw a lunatic in a seven foot tall plush Garfield costume, surely close to suicide in Singapore’s climate.) Never one to turn down the offer of a drink, I stayed out with them – especially as they were headed to Potatohead, my new favourite burger joint on Keong Saik Road, just around the corner from home.

I’m meant to be watching what I eat these days, but I’m allowed one cheat day. Although I suppose most nutritionists think a cheat day is a little extra of what you fancy, rather than a double breakfast, a burrito for lunch, two cupcakes at the office Halloween party, three quarters of a pizza and then an enormous dirty burger at 11pm. But what do they know?

My wife remained asleep: she’d had an exhausting day with La Serpiente Aquatica Negra. My child remained asleep: reveille is probably any minute now, and I think it will be my turn to settle her. She’s had a most exciting afternoon, attending the office Halloween party and not being at all phased by loud noises, people in masks or her father making people get dressed as mummies and bobbing for apples. I was most proud of her, especially as she avoided braining herself on any protruding pieces of office furniture. (She did go full tilt into a glass door at one point, but they both survived unscathed.)

Tomorrow I have another go at breaking the twenty minute barrier at Parkrun. That is, if I manage to get up in time. This morning I did manage twenty five minutes, very slowly, around Chinatown, but the ratios are all wrong: to do 80/20 and include a session at the track, a spin class and a 5k race I’d need to put in over an hour of easy running every day for the rest of the week. If I survive this little burst of overtraining, from next week I’ll have to alternate racing and spinning.

And so to bed. 25 minutes easy today, which means 143 minutes easy pace this week, 64 hard (31%)

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