A day out with some shouting

A second late night meant that La Serpiente was very floppy today, forever trying to sit down regardless of the activity.
We went to Bainbridge Island today for lunch and a walk. On the ferry over, La Serpiente was clbering over her grandparents and bumped my mother’s ankle, which wasn’t good. We really had to work at her to coax her to eat her lunch, and the final nadir of this was when she decided to sit down in the middle of a path and trip her mother up. After that, I told her I was cross and she wasn’t going to get an ice cream, because she did not listen when we asked her to do things.

Cue a deluge of tears, and her impassioned defence that she did listen – dredging up 3xamples like that she’d eaten her lunch when we told her to.

Now, that’s fair, but she had to be told n times before she would, so it wasn’t that great an example of good behaviour. It’s difficult; I don’t want my daughter in peals of tears, but she has to understand that when she does things that upset people, they get upset.

Anyway, we relented and she got her ice cream, and then she was well behaved all the way to bedtime, where she fell asleep in moments (and then woke up at 1130 so I had to take her back to bed again. Poor thing. One of these days she’ll sleep through.

Apart from rage inducing behaviour, a good day. We mucked about at the play area near the ferry terminal for a good hour and everyone seemed happy with the day. And apart from La Serpiente constantly waking up in the night, all is well.

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