A day that whirled past us

Last night I had three beers, which was probably a bit much, but I needed to get back to fitness, so at seven this morning I crawled from my bed and went for a half hour run. It was a very boring route: I ran west from the bottom of my road until I couldn’t run any further, and then I turned around and ran back until I found a coffee shop. I got home about 8:15 as the rest of the family were stirring, and then helped supervise breakfast.
After that the day flew by. My legs were sore (it’s been weeks since last I ran) and the girls played in the park for three or four hours, before I persuaded them to walk up to Greenwood to the hardware store. I had to buy a plug adaptor so that our IKEA lamp will work with an American outlet, and a metal ruler so I can start work on converting some of my miniatures. Those things purchased I walked the girls home again, with a quick stop to buy gelato for them and flowers for my wife.

On the way back there’s a house with a toy exchange outside. Destroyer found this before, and the deal is you dispose of one toy you don’t want anymore (in her case an orange spineosaurus) and get a different one you do want (a new triceratops she’s christened Sophie). And then Destroyer’s shoe fell off as I pulled her along the street and she shouted "shoe! SHOE!" frantically at me until I noticed. One day she’ll give up on wearing Crocs that are a size too big.

Once we got home, La Serpiente and I played Blitz Bowl. This is the slimmed down version of Blood Bowl for youngsters and she really enjoyed it. We scored 11 touchdowns between us, which made her happy. Another game after dinner was less successful, because she demanded Destroyer play as well with us, and there’s not a good three player mode. But for now I’m happy that we have something to play together.

The children then went totally manic from exhaustion, which was tolerable because they were asleep ten minutes later, leaving me to cram MBA study modules until my brain fell out my ears. I wonder if I’ll be able to stand up tomorrow.

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