A drive out to rediscover salad

We drove to my sister in law in Kentville today, which necessitated renting a car. The only vehicles available in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia were enormous SUVs, so we drove one of those, a bus-sized GMC that at least had some cup holders, although not big enough for the insulated cup I possess.
I’d planned on going climbing in the morning but Tuesday is the day that Seven Bays redo their routes, so we had a wasted trip to Gottingen Street with Destroyer (La Serpiente was at a cookery class this morning, although she consumed all evidence of her attendance). To placate our youngest we went to two different doughnut shops, both selling Simpson-themed doughnuts (the ‘Marge’ at one and the ‘Homer’ at the other) then went home and had our children wail instead of eating lunch.

Which is to say that I was out of it when we drove to Kent ville, and had to stop for (dreadful) coffee on the way down. After a day where I had little exercise I tried to compensate by walking to the supermarket and bringing back ingredients for dinner – principally salad, and booze.

Booze is easy, salad almost so. You get a pile of spinach leaves, chop some tomatoes, add marinated artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes, then diced mozzarella, pine nuts and a balsamic vinaigrette, and call it done. And that was easy, which raises the question of why I’ve eaten so much pizza in the last three months.

The kids went to sleep. Or not. They banished me from the room, claiming they would sleep, and have been up and down ever since, so I assume tomorrow will be a disaster. Ah well…

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