A few corrections

I went to see my physio today and she hauled on my neck and shoulders for 45 minutes until I was better. I also showed her the ludicrous muscle relaxants I’ve been prescribed and the huge jar of anti inflammatory medicine, both of which she thought were a bit OTT. Then, sadly, I had to go back to work rather than lie on her massage table and sleep, but therein lies the rub. No work, no money to get massaged.
I read the girls two more chapters of The Horse And His Boy, which has not stood up well to time. In particular, the swarthy Calormen, who are grumpy and superstitious and not good people like the (explicitly) white Narnians. This is really something that we should critique more carefully; I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing to just have the kids hear a story like this without any commentary.

Then they fell straight to sleep, and I bumbled around for far too long instead of sleeping myself. Foolish me…

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