A few developments

At lunchtime today, I persuaded both my girls to ride their bikes over to the cliffs overlooking the Sound. There and back is about three and a half miles, crossing two busy streets, but Destroyer pedalled all the way there and all the way back without complaint. I’m very impressed at her gumption, achieving this a good 18 months ahead of her sister. Then again, La Serpiente had nobody to learn from in the way Destroyer has.
Apart from exercising the girls, I hardly got up from my desk, so this evening I went for a thirty minute run. That was a long, slow slog around Ballard, after which I lay on the sofa and tried to do as little as possible, exhausted by the exertion.

We watched Guns Akimbo, a faintly ridiculous Daniel Radcliffe vehicle where he gets two guns bolted to his hands and has various hijinks for an hour and a half. It was basically trash, but brainless enough for us at this point of the week.

Hang on, it’s only Tuesday and we’re complaining about brainless trash. That bodes well for the rest of the week.

Also, I think we have bought a car. It is green.

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