A good start

Smoothie #1
It’s strange how your tastes change. If you’d told me even six months ago that I’d prefer raw spinach to chocolate, I’d never have believed you. But here we are: half a packet of spinach, a punnet of blueberries, a punnet of raspberries, a spoonful of cocoa powder, two spoonfuls of flaxseed powder, a glass of water and two dollops of Greek yogurt later, and I still ended up thinking I’d gone heavy on the cocoa powder and not put enough spinach. I’ll be Popeye before I know it.

I got up at six this morning, after sleeping on the sofa because the air conditioning was too loud in the bedroom. Or it was too cold. Or I was too hyped up from the terribly long run last night. Or the bed was too soft. Or my head was too small for my brain. Or whatever. I slept on the sofa with the fan turned off, which meant I awoke dehydrated and confused, and then pottered out for a run to wake myself up.

My GPS decided it wasn’t going to work until I’d run a mile, teasing me by pretending it had locked on to all those helpful geostationary satellites, and then claiming it had no knowledge of our whereabouts. I was running slowly: I’m nursing a sore knee so I was trying to keep my heart rate low, but these are the sort of runs I find really unsatisfying. Half an hour of plodding never really wakes me up, and although it was nice to be able to turn all the fruit into an easily swallowable smoothie when I got back home, I was wishing I’d put the hammer down at some point and got a bit more blood flowing around my body.

This ennui carried on all day. About the most useful thing I did was to go and close a bank account and get two thousand dollar bills in my wallet. The thousand dollar bill has a purple tint, and a picture on the back labelled ‘Government’. Which, given the ten dollar bill has schoolchildren on the back, would suggest the person responsible for designing the notes thinks the government is a hundred times as important as education. Not that I’d say something like that: after the furore in England about putting Jane Austen on the back of a banknote, I dread to think what would happen if I started spouting off about the currency of a country I’m not even a citizen of.

The problem with thousand dollar bills is that you can’t pay them into any bank using the automatic machines, and there’s always a huge queue of people at the counters, so I had to carry these small but very valuable pieces of plasticised paper back to the office. It didn’t make me feel rich, it made me feel slightly at risk. Well, and a bit rich, even if I had the same amount of money that I had at the start of the day, just in my wallet rather than in a bank account that I never used.

At home this evening I finished off by making a big pot of sauce. The recipe is even simpler than the smoothie I made this morning: put some garlic and some onions and some aubergine and a lot of olive oil into a pot, fry them, and then pour chopped tomatoes on top and wait half an hour to see if anything interesting happens. One of the interesting things that will happen is that I’ll be eating the same thing for lunch every day for the rest of the week, but that sort of careful planning ahead / economising / lack of imagination means that I have more money to spend on fripperies. Or a smaller debt coming into the end of the month, after all the fripperies that I’ve frittered my money away on already.

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  2. Now that is odd. Perhaps I didn’t do as good a job of set up as I’d hoped. Will attempt to sort that out. Thank you!

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