A good walk, spoiled

After sleeping in this morning, we cajoled the kids into the car with snacks and drove off to Rattlesnake Ledge for a five mile hike. But with every mile that we drove, the weather grew filthier until we abandoned hope at Issaquah of it getting any better, and went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo instead.

On a wet, foggy day there weren’t many animals to see. The girls were enthralled to feed an alpaca that had mud all over its head, we got to throw pieces of apple for some reindeer to forage from the ground, and there was a wonderfully fluffy Bengal tiger to look at, but we were in and out of the zoo (and soaked) in about an hour. Then back down the hill for another coffee at the Issaquah Coffee Company, and back home we went.

This evening I went climbing and did half an hour, after which my back and shoulders were done for, and I almost fell asleep at the dining room table, but I made it through long enough to stay up too late, fitting in a game of Blood Bowl and half watching a heist series on Netflix.

And now I have a sore throat and I think that means I have a cold coming on. Time to retreat beneath the covers…

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