A good Wednesday

I went to see an orthopedic surgeon about my wrist today, concerned that something was fractured. Fortunately, the x-ray didn’t show up anything – once again I just have to live with a bruised hand for four weeks more.

Still, that’s better news than needing a cast. I drove home, ran a few errands like returning a water heater we didn’t need (we have to order another, which is a task for tomorrow), went to Mox, pored over plastic toys for hours but couldn’t make a decision, then went home and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with extra Tofurkey. Although in typical confusing nomenclature, a grilled cheese is made in a frying pan. Why isn’t it a fried cheese? Because that would sound like total filth.

I played a game of Blood Bowl (won!) bought some new underpants, played another game of Blood Bowl (with my league team, a perennially losing bunch of goblins) and almost won (and didn’t lose, which was something of a first) and worked out a bit in VR. And I brushed my teeth four times today, which is a bit much, but at least the aligners are really motivating me to floss.

And tonight I sleep on the sofa, and my wife takes the floor. Justice! Or luxury! Or something …

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  1. So pleased you haven’t fractured your wrist. And it would seem your grilled cheese sarnies are far superior to the ones found in the coffee shops. There’s a thing, maybe purveyors of coffee just aren’t very good at cheesy stuff !

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