A great day out

Today the girls woke us up early asking to go hiking, so we bundled them into the car and drove off to Squak Mountain, where I’d walked with the girls once last year. (I didn’t remember until we arrived there, so it was sort of a surprise.)

Despite enthusiasm whilst at home, both children moaned a lot as we walked up the hill. We then began to follow a trail down the hill, but one way was blocked, so we improvised and followed what appeared to be a trail … halfway down the hill, to a cliff looking down on the creek. Now I knew we couldn’t retrace our steps, so I led the family on a tromp through ferns and thorns, in a large circle, trying to follow the contour and eventually ending up on the improvised trail we’d walked down. So retracing our steps would have been a better idea.

However, after this the girls stopped complaining, because the alternative to a walk in the woods was to be stuck up to your ears in ferns and thorns, so by comparison all was well. We walked down the hill a bit to the initial trail we walked in at, and then I ran down it with my girls. For two kilometres, which though it was great fun to run down, may explain why they were so grumpy on the way up. In total, exactly five miles of walking, more than I can remember doing this year. It was nice to run again.

We stopped for burgers in North Bend then drove home. Even with two coffees in me I was close to passing out, and went to bed for an hour when we got home. Still, on a cold rainy day, what else should one do?

Pull ups, that’s what. I did 30 today. 31 tomorrow and I’m done. I’m also going climbing first thing – will superior upper body strength be a blessing, or will thirty days of pull ups wear me out? We will find out soon enough…

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