A headache

I had a migraine come on this afternoon. First, my vision started to go about 3pm; there was a shimmering in the upper right quadrant of my sight, that got worse and worse. Eventually that went, and was replaced by a headache; not a normal pulsing migraine but just a harsh ache in the left side of my head. So that was less than fun.
I’m not sure what provoked this, a second attack this year. First time was after a particularly awful cup of Starbucks coffee, so I suspect caffeine, but mostly I haven’t been affected this way. At least it cane late enough in the day that I could struggle through my last meeting and then lie down to recover.

The girls were really good with their school work today. After yesterday’s meltdown at bedtime they didn’t scream, and it was lovely to watch Destroyer diligently cutting out leaves for a coconut tree. Two years ago we were using Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to kill mosquitoes, and now she’s making the art of it herself.

Tomorrow is my day off, and turn to manage the children. Hopefully they’re as copacetic as they were today, and I don’t collapse under the strain. And so to bed…

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