A higher plane

After three days of not being able to hear out of my left ear, I boarded the plane home, and within a few minutes of take off (delayed by about two hours because, well, because I’m cursed when I fly with BA out of LHR and never get away on time) there was a horrible gurgling inside my head as fluid moved around my Eustachian tubes, and I could hear again.

Which lasted roughly untukthe descent to Singapore, when my ear blocked up again, and so I’m looking forward to several more days staggering around not being able to hear or think properly. Ah, international travel. If only i could stay in the air all the time, I’d have no complaints. Apet from swollen joints, dehydration and uncomfortable seats, I suppose.

La Serpiente was well pleased with the gifts I drunkenly bought her in Lomdon, and she hasn’t even seen the chocolate eggs yet. It’s good to be back.

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