A hike and a big meal

We drove to Cleveland Dam this morning, accompanied all the way there by the never ending sound of the Frozen II soundtrack, and then had a big walk. La Serpiente loves running on trails with me, which is great as it is an interest we can share, but not so great when you should be pausing to look at nature. Ah well.
Cleveland Dam is at one end of the reservoir for Vancouver, so there’s an enormous waterfall on one side of it, which is really impressive. The sky was blue, the air was cold and crisp, and occasionally there would be a dog for the girls to pet.

We stopped for sushi on the way back (I had promised them hot chocolate, which they inexplicably forgot about) and then in the afternoon I napped. I had forgotten how much I enjoy naps. Or I’m really tired at the moment.

In the evening my wife gave me my birthday present a couple of days early (I’m not complaining because I needed a new warm shirt) and we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Mexican fondue is an interesting concept, even if it is just a big bowl of melted cheese. We finished with ice cream and then went home to find the girls had refused to go to sleep, obliterating the point of having a babysitter. Ah well. I woke up an hour later, sandwiched between my sleeping daughters. A good night for naps, then.

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