A holiday

The kids are on spring break for a week, and so with three days off work, we had our first holiday in Washington since we moved here. (We were away for August the year we relocated, but that was to Canada, rather than staying in the state.)

After a miraculous lie-in until 8:30 this morning, I packed the car and then we headed out. The Kona is a wonderful car but it’s not really big enough for a family of four to go on a long trip: in the back we could store only one medium sized suitcase and a cooler, plus some clothes stuffed around it. For the future we either need a bigger car or a roof rack, and they aren’t making bigger electric cars (yet).

The weather was gorgeous today, blue skies without a single cloud, and we drove out to Port Gamble, not missing a beat. We arrived just in time at the ferry, didn’t have any traffic snarl ups, and after hanging out there for an hour or so while I took a work call, we headed on towards Port Angeles.

We stopped for lunch at a roadside diner with a Keep America Great sign and military insignia all over the menu. Sadly it turns out America didn’t have great vegetarian food in the first place; I got a especially sad grilled cheese sandwich (literally the worst I’ve ever had, melted plastic cheese slice between two pieces of anonymous, flavourless bread). We drove on to Port Angeles, stopping for coffee and then checking into our AirBnb, at the end of a quiet street where two deer stared at us .

Then I made the mistake of walking to dinner, to get some exercise. Because all I’d had to eat since breakfast was that dire cheese sandwich, I was hangry all the way to the brewery we’d chosen (a 35 minute walk) and not much better on the way back. The pizza I had there was serviceable and the cider made up for the food, but I needed to eat more. Got back, read the girls some of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, passed out. (We had one good deed for the day, finding somebody’s phone by the side of the road and returning it to a friend of theirs, so I guess there was that…)

Tomorrow, hiking. And hopefully better food.

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