A house

Today I bought a house. It’s a nice yellow house opposite a park, with a garden and a basement and all the usual mod cons.
Since we got to Seattle, I’ve had an underlying level of panic that we won’t be able to find a place to live, or we will but it won’t be near any decent schools, or it will be in the middle of nowhere. We looked at lots of houses, I learned things about building codes, how foundations work, the joys of bulb and tube wiring and asbestos insulation.

I’m hoping this place won’t suffer from such stresses. It’s 100 years old, so some things aren’t perfect, or need work, but it’s structurally sound. Hopefully I can leave it nicer than I found it.

While I was sorting out finance, my wife took the girls to Bainbridge Island, where they ate ice cream, gambolled in the sunshine and saw some dogs, all things that they told me about when I met them after work.

And then they fell straight to sleep, which gave us the evening to try to figure out budgets and all that sort of exciting stuff. Here’s to 30 years of debt…

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