A jaunt in search of cookies

I took the girls for a bike ride today, promising them a chocolate cookie at the café that we used to stop at on the way to the sea every day in the summer. La Serpiente was struggling today, complaining that she was tired and almost crashing her bike into a curb, while Destroyer pedalled so quickly that at one point both her feet came off her pedals and she almost crashed, so honestly it’s great that I got them to the cafe and the sea and back without any collisions.
We also had to turn around and rush back almost as soon as we arrived at the cliffs overlooking the sea, because I had a meeting at 2, and 16 minutes to get there. It turns out my daughters can ride 23 blocks in 16 minutes, if I cajole them properly.

This afternoon we had the concierge from Househappy inspect our house. That strange bit of gibberish means that a lady came to our house and measured it, so that we can use an online service to book tradespeople to do things like clean our gutters. (Gutter cleaning is something that seems oddly necessary in America, whereas I don’t ever remember anyone in the UK being troubled by filthy gutters. But whatever.)

The children were out playing in the park (clearly recovered from their cycling expedition) so I was sat at home, typing and reading while a stranger with her shoes covered in plastic bootees walked around our house with a laser and an iPad. The future is a strange and wonderful place.

Then this evening I lucked out and went from a potentially awful loss in a game of Blood Bowl to an unexpected 2-2 draw. Current lose rate: only 33% this year!

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