A lack of sleep

Last night, exhausted from swimming, I fell into a deep sleep on the sofa about 8pm, while my wife was putting the girls to bed. I woke about an hour later, groggy and worried about a presentation I had to write, and then found I couldn’t go to sleep at a normal hour. Or at 1am. Or at 2. Or…
So the children discovered me on the sofa at 730 this morning and brought me a teddy bear, after which I went off to bed and slept for an hour. It was Children’s Day in Singapore so they were not going to school today, so when I got out of bed I went straight to the office, and mostly held it together through the day.

I went climbing after work, and managed a couple of problems I’ve been struggling with for weeks, so that was nice. Then I went home, ate a big bowl of casserole and fell asleep on the bed next to my girls, waking up at 930pm groggy and worried about a meeting I had to join tonight.

So now I’m a bit worried that history will repeat itself and I’ll be crawling off the sofa at 8 tomorrow, having had 3 hours sleep. Oh well, on we go..

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