A less wet day in Margaret River

Despite drinking most of a can of that fearsomely srong beer last night, I was still capable of speech and motion today. We went to a farmer’s market in the carpark of a local school today; the kids got to pet lots of dogs, I got to eat some cheese (washed brie is superlative) and also have a coffee for the first time in almost four weeks. (The coffee was underwhelming so I don’t think I’ll return to drinking coffee regularly after my almost-one-month purge.)

If that wasn’t enough coffee, we went down the road to a coffee tasting, and then a chocolate shop that sold pear-and-parsnip chocolate, and the children ran around and wore themselves out until it was time for lunch, when we went to a brewery with an enormous climbing frame, a lake to hit golfballs into, and some apparently disappointing jerk chicken.

I couldn’t comment on that due to my diet of chips, garlic aioli and beetroot salad (which was altogether healthier than the diet of pure cheese I subsisted on for the last two days) but the food and drink were ample and our kids devoured their food without complaint. Even better, both our girls fell asleep on the way back to the AirBnB where we’re staying.

That did mean they missed out on seeing the beautiful coastline near where we’re staying, but that also meant I could get some decent photos without a child hanging off my forearm. We drove home and then found that the shoes I had bought yesterday weren’t in the house or the car, and some careful thought made me realise I had not left them on the counter of the bookshop where I bought my books, but on the outside table of the cafe over the street when I’d been calling our friends to arrange farmyard logistics. I was therefore gobsmacked when we called the cafe to find my shoes had been handed it to lost and found there and not just walked off with. Thank you, general humanity. (Assuming my banana bread is still in the shoe box, that is.)

The cafe was shutting up when we called, and then La Serpiente woke up and clamoured to be taken back to Sunflower Farm for a second look, so I left Destroyer with her mother and drove over. La Serpiente was hilariously proprietoral this time, running around and telling everyone where everything was, and getting incredibly excited about the goats. And the horses. And the pigs. And the sheep. And the cows.

Some of the other visitors were the same as yesterday, suggesting the simulation is programmed on the cheap and they keep using the same subroutines. I’ll let it pass. La Serpiente had an extra bonus today – one of the farm hands was so taken by her energy / irrational exuberance that for a special treat she got to collect the eggs from the chickens, as well as feeding the calves/lambs/tiny goats.

Also, the llama got cross at being fed cabbage and started spitting at people, a tremendous sight that I regret failing to photograph.

After all that (and more running around on the play area) we drove back, and I dropped everyone off before racing to catch the sunset back at the beach:

All this, and it didn’t even rain much today. The children weren’t too hard to put down, leaving me ample time to regret buying too much strong beer, and consider how to drive home tomorrow.

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  1. Grumpy llama alert! Hopefully the farm is something your kids will remember forever (saves that cheated feeling you get when they forget all about something when older). I Googled “strong beer UK” to see what I could find and it all seems to be dodgy exports or something unpronounceable that the reviewer says tastes of Toilet Duck.

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