A lesson in communication

I took the girls out for a walk after lunch today, and we went down to Rosselini’s, where I’d told them I’d buy a macaron for them to share. Of late, they keep getting a macaron each, and I think this is too much to be healthy. However, Rosselini’s was closed, so they would get zero macarons.
Next door to Rosselini’s is the ice cream shop, but we can’t be having ice cream at lunchtime, that’s leaving nothing to look forward to. So we went down the street to Grumpy D’s, the not so great coffee shop that does at least do decaff.

They had a sad looking doughnut and a Danish in a glass case by the counter, and some big cellophane wrapped cookies, so I told the girls to agree between them which one they wanted. They spent so long disagreeing that eventually I paid for my coffee and told them to leave, at which point they decided they wanted the most unhealthy looking cookie they could find (and believe me, they had some unhealthy things to choose from) and then howled in rage and disappointment all the way home, on the basis that I’d lied to them and not let them have a treat.

Sigh. Probably could have done that better, but I also want them to understand they can’t argue for ages and make everyone around them wait.

After all this, I promised we would go out and get a treat later on, and I was looking down the barrel at having to drive to Phinney Ridge to buy them a macaron each, but come three o’clock and they were happy with ice pops from the freezer. And they don’t hate me. So that’s nice.

This evening, we read another chapter of The Magician’s Nephew, then I fell asleep, went swimming, did only eight lengths and then lay in the hot tub for fifteen minutes, and then home to do a bit more painting of my new orc team. So that was today.

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