A lesson in the weather

It was cold today, very cold, and so when I walked the girls to school, it was to be serenaded by complaints, which could have been avoided if they’d checked the weather before refusing to put gloves on when we left the house. I guess somehow this will stress the importance of metereology to the girls. Or of making me more coffee in the morning.
I walked with La Serpiente to the library mid morning, returning books we’ve had on loan since February. Seattle’s enlightened library service charges no late fees, ever, even when there isn’t a pandemic. On the way back I got her a cheese quesadilla and a hot chocolate, so I think she was happy with the long walk. Tomorrow is my day of responsibility for the kids, so hopefully all is smiles and rainbows and not icy winds.

Oh, and my wife’s Oculus arrived, so neither of us have to leave the house to have fun now.

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