A life in film

Last night we went to see the Top Gun sequel, which was very accomplished. It’s exciting and well paced, and it lacks the strange things that date the original (like Tom Cruise pursuing a woman into a toilet to chat her up) bit in other ways it takes no risks: there’s never anything that Tom Cruise fails at, and it’s not brave enough to kill any character (perhaps that was to ensure the sequel is significantly different to the original). That was the second film we watched on Saturday, after all watching the Bob’s Burgers Movie together as a family.

We got to see Top Gun Maverick because our children were at a sleepover at their friends’ house, which meant when we picked them up at 1030 this morning they hadn’t had that much sleep. We drove north to Everett to find that the car dealerships are denuded of stock, even if you want to buy a car and pay several thousand over the manufacturer’s price. So I guess we wait, and rent, until something becomes available…

In the afternoon, I rearranged and tidied my Blood Bowl stuff. I now have a box of things for tournaments, another box for when I’m playing, a huge box full of teams, and a mound of hobby supplies that I need to start to use to crank through in order to complete all the stuff I have. And to tidy up a bit..but…

The kids were a bit fractious tonight, due to fatigue. I developed a stress headache that went away again (maybe it was the threat of rain), we watched Westworld (with yet another sweeping-the-rug-away move) and then it was time for bed.

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