A life on hold

My wife has a Delta frequent flyer account, but it’s unusable because it’s in her old name, and as her passport now has her married surname rather than her original one, she couldn’t book a flight. So this morning she called to get this changed, and was told by an automated message that she should expect a five hour wait.

After 90 minutes on hold, the call terminated automatically.

Luckily, Delta also has a chat function on their website, but unluckily there’s also a four hour wait there, and every ten minutes it would log us out of the website and you’d have to log back in to find you were still waiting for a customer service rep. So that was … fun.

Eventually we got through to somebody, and they said they’d made the change, but we’d have to log out to see the effect. That sounded suspiciously to me like somebody telling me to leave the shop and come back an hour after closing time so they could avoid me, but I should have had more faith, as her name was actually changed. So that’s one difficult thing out the way and another step closer to us going to Chicago in September. Onward, ever onwards…

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  1. This is why I never changed my name when I got married, I didn’t trust The System not to bring me hassle at some point.

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