A little bit of arts and crafts

Despite a late bedtime for Destroyer, she insisted on waking up early today, which was good for none of us. Throughout the day she was tetchy and given to weeping.

In the morning we went to a children’s birthday party where an entertainer did scientific experiments with the kids. We’ll, they mucked around with dry ice, which was good enough. After that, I took the kids home and gave them TV while I napped, but the dear little things woke me up after ten minutes with demands to play with plaster of Paris. 

Until I read the instructions, I didn’t realise how t oxic this was, so it was with great care that I helped them make some ornaments, before we went off to swimming. Both children excelled – La Serpiente can do two lengths of freestyle without stopping now, which took me a long time to learn. If it wasn’t for the rages and crying jags between every single thing we did today, I’d probably be totally energised. 

We gave the kids to our babysitter and went out to party tonight, but honestly I was exhausted and wanted to stay home and sleep, not go to a Mexican restaurant and pound shots. So, home by 1130 tonight, and off to bed. 

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