A little bit of Blood Bowl

I had a couple of games of Blood Bowl today. The first felt like it would be an utter disaster: in the first half I had player after player battered off the pitch and could make no reply. I didn’t enjoy that at all. When your silent opponent is fouling you as much as he can … not fun.

Then in the second half I somehow outnumbered him and pulled off a 1-1 draw, when I’d been ready to fling my laptop out of a window.

For my second match I had my Cheese Eating Blender Monkees, a monstrous team of violent mice, against another team of rodents. He won the coin toss and inexplicably gave me the chance to receive (which is sensible if you can steal the ball away and stop me scoring, but not so sensible when my team is built to smash other teams off the pitch as cruelly as possible). So I cleared the pitch and scored, while injuring a few of my own players. 2-0 to me. I guess this helps the ratio of wins to losses a bit …

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