A long and tiring day

The day started wet (I assume; I was pryed from the sofa at about 10 am) but undaunted, I forced the kids into their rain gear and we set off for the farmer’s market, just as the sun came out and the day became glorious again. So we walked down into Ballard, and walked back up, and before I knew it I’d done 10,000 steps and drunk two strong coffees, and I still needed to go for my long weekend run.
So after a few hours at the park, we got the girls home and I are a (tofurkey) sausage sandwich, before heading out for my run.

This was a bad idea, because for the whole fifty minutes that I ran, on streets and then down into the depths of Carkeek Park and back home again, I could taste Italian vegetarian sausage meat, and what might be nice in a sandwich is not great when you’re fighting for breath and your heart is pumping three times a second.

So I got home, and put the kids to bed, and then my wife sent me out to get a recent find: a wendy house for the girls, conveniently dismantled into five heavy sections of wood, a block and a half away up the hill.

I grouched and grumbled and carried it all back home, pausing to look at a beautiful sunset as the whole sky turned pink, and finally had to carry the roof, which required me putting it on my head and then walking, half blind, down the middle of the street like some kind of steampunk snail. I only had to avoid getting run over once, then took up my place on the sofa to recover from this excess.

I finished the day by winning a game of Blood Bowl in the Australian league I’m a part of, which made me very happy as I’d have been content with a draw, and managed to fluke the winning score in the very last turn of the game. So that was nice.

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  1. It was a real “laugh out loud moment as I picture you careering down the road with the roof. Took me back many years when my dad walked from one end of Beckenham to the other with an old door he’d been given for our hen house. He had the advantage of a willing apprentice who carried one end.

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