A long and unsatisfactory walk home

It took me 45 minutes to walk home this evening. I live about 15 minutes walk from the office. Thus this was not the most wonderful of journeys for me.

I suppose I brought the delays upon myself. First, I tried to find an unvandalised rental bike to ride, but there were none. It’s often hard to tell on approach; often only when you try to unlock one does it tell you it’s broken.

Then, because the bus was only two minutes away, I waited for it to come. Until it was only 6 minutes away, at which point I lost all faith in the bus timetables and began to trudge home.

And somehow I got lost as well. I really need to start riding my own bike to work to avoid this sort of nonsense.

Still, it wasn’t the worst journey. About nine thirty, I was disturbed by a constant ringing bell. I ignored it for a while, then went to have a look, and discovered the lift display saying there was a power failure in the lift and a rescue operation was underway.

Well, that’s what the display said. The bell kept ringing on and off for 45 minutes, as I assume whatever poor sod who was stuck in the lift tried to protest his situation. That’s the second breakdown in a week. Next time I’m in the lift, I’ll pack sandwiches.

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