A long day of fun things

This morning I got up, played the 149th of my 150 online games of Blood Bowl (a fairly convincing 2-1 win over my opposition), and then drove to Seattle Boulder Movement to go climbing.

I did about an hour’s worth. There are two floors to Seattle Boulder Movement so after I’d had some coffee I went through all the routes I could manage downstairs. There’s a really neat traverse which is at least twenty feet long – I played around with it for a while, gradually getting more tired and worse and worse with my footwork.

Near the end, I strained a muscle in my neck, and that gradually got worse as the day went by. This evening I’ve been lying down trying to rest my poor injured body, legs still sore from yesterday’s run.

But I couldn’t go home after climbing. Instead, I drove south for an hour to Puyallup, a town in the middle of nowhere, to play a friend at Blood Bowl. I brought my dwarfs – this is a warm up for my tournament in Halifax in two weeks – and he used Halflings, a mob of dreadful, cheating little people and giant freemen. It was quite the game.

Halflings are small and weak and easily broken. My team was also easily broken, when a rock flung by a member of the crowd injured one of my players before the match had even begun. With exploding pies being flung and hotpot fired from the dugout, my poor unlucky dwarfs were knocked around and failed to prevent the Halflings scoring.

In the second half, the dreadful reliability of dwarfs began to have its effect. We gradually bullied Halflings from the pitch and scored, and then played very negatively in the closing stages. Still, we almosy ended with a draw, rather than the 2-1 win I sneaked away with. From once being a joke team, Halflings are a dangerous weapon in the right hands.

Then I went on the hunt for paint for my miniatures, and after driving between shops for an hour, drove back home, dropped off stuff and then returned the rental car. There is a plethora of electric bicycles on the streets of Seattle now, so it’s easy to dispose of the the car and then get quickly home. I finished the day with a bit more banjo practice, then slumped into my bed. Three nights until I fly to Halifax…

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