A long long day

I woke up at 5, knew I wouldn’t be going back to sleep, and so I got up and went out in search of coffee. This wasn’t so hard: down the hill and round the lake a few hundred yards was somewhere to get a drink. I forgot to pick up any painkillers for my head but the ache there went anyway.

The new office I’m at is very swanky, although we only moved into it today so not everything is fully functional yet. When it is, there’s a full gym facility downstairs, and there’s more kinds of coffee than I can explain.

I can’t explain why I forsook that, in favour of going to the Social Security office, wheee a remarkably cheerful chap processed my application on the spot, then sent me on my way. For a boring time waiting to be able to not open a bank account somewhere else.

After that I went back to my Airbnb, where I almost interrupted my housemate rutting like an animal with his girlfriend, on the back lawn of the house. I don’t know the etiquette in such a situation. Better, I guess, that I crept back indoors, rather than banging on the window or throwing a pail of cold water on them.

Damn. So tired now. Onwards to the end of the night.

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