A long, long walk

The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, waking me to find both my daughters in my bed, refusing to get up. I chiseled them out and got them dressed, and rushed them to school to arrive 5 minutes late for La Serpiente’s early gym class. Then Destroyer and I pootled off to her school.

I’d realised after Tuesday’s effort that I didn’t want to arrive at school an hour before it opened, so we took two buses to get to Cafe Fiore and then I planned to wait until the bus at 8:45, then drop off Destroyer right on time. But she refused to eat her miniature doughnut in the cafe, wanting to eat it on the way to school, so we left at 8:25 with a half hour walk in front of us, and made our way all the way down to the school, and then I walked home, rushing for a meeting at 9:30 that I was also 5 minutes late for. Something of a theme today.

I was feeling quite tired, but I had to do things like move the cargo bike out of the house where it could fall on and maim one of my children. I hadn’t realised exactly how heavy the beastly thing is. It’s also too long to stand up in the back porch, so I’ve moved both bikes into the basement, which is too far down for me to get the bike out regularly. I either need to build a shed or just buy a large tarp to keep rain off the bike, and then be able to ride it out every day.

Then I rushed back to pick up Destroyer, and then we walked all the way home again, and then after half an hour of looking for La Serpiente’s fox costume (she has to dress up as a character from a book tomorrow at school) we went back to school to pick her up, and then Ubered to the doctor to pick up a form, and then walked to another bus that would take us to the pub for dinner.

That was almost 20,000 steps today. On an average day at the office I do 7,000 if I’m lucky, so I’ve got very, very tired legs this evening. At least the kids conked out very quickly tonight, giving me the evening to stare at the walls, baffled and confused by all of life.

And on, and on, and on…

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