A long ride home

I got my bike back this afternoon with a new set of brakes (the bike shop broke the old one while servicing it, but very generously replaced them for free) so I rode home this evening.

Or at least I tried to.

There’s a long, slow hill from my office up to the bridge. I rode up and up, couldn’t find a bridge, rolled down the other side of the hill, rode up an even bigger hill, looked at the map on my phone, rode down the other side of the hill, took a wrong turn, rode for a couple more miles, and then rode up another hill nowhere near where I was meant to be.

I raced some people on electric bikes (luckily my bike has one gear, which makes grinding up long hills very… fun), then went up another very long hill, down again, into the Ballard Locks (50 blocks south of home) and then up another very very long hill. I somehow managed to get home, unbelievably tired, and had to sit on my porch. I’m hoping another time I won’t have an hour long commute.

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