A long ride out

I had a game of Blood Bowl this morning (lost 1-0, but felt I didn’t make many stupid mistakes for a change) and then took the girls for a ride.

For the last week and a half, we’ve ridden the two miles from our house to the cliffs overlooking the Puget Sound. Destroyer goes on the back of my cargo bike and La Serpiente rides her (rather heavy) bike, and I try to instill roadcraft in her. If I remember, I bring snacks to eat at the halfway point, and then we ride back.

Today, we were a bit more adventurous. We rode up to the cliffs, then headed north and then descended down to the water on a steep, winding road. Then we rode along by the sea, the children demanding we stop at a playground where children are currently banned from playing.

Instead, I took them further south, and stopped at a fish and chip shop, Little Coney, where I got them hot chocolates and I ate chips, and then we rode on again. And then it was basically uphill all the way home.

La Serpiente doesn’t have any gears on her bike and she is only small, and it’s a heavy bike and the hills are all long, steep or both. And yet with a little gentle cajoling she rode up all but one hill, and there wasn’t any whining from her. We did a total of 11.1 km, very slightly less than 7 miles, and so almost twice as far as she’s ever been before. So I was pretty happy with that.

I thought they’d fall to bits in the afternoon but both girls played well and then we had movie nght: we sat together and watched The Wrong Trousers, and all was right with the world. (There was the usual screaming and yelling at bedtime, but nothing major.)

And then, with them asleep, I lost a game of Blood Bowl 2-0, but enjoyed it more than my opponent, who constantly bemoaned how unlucky he was. I did kill or seriously injure four of his players, so though I’m bottom of the league I can at least say I extracted some toll from him as he rode over the speed bump of my team.

And so to bed..

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