A long walk

We took a lot of effort to do it, but eventually got the girls out of the house today and walked up to the library, stopping at all the Halloween decorations on the way. (People in Ballard love Halloween, so every house is covered in spider webs, skulls, and pumpkins.)

I was not feeling great – a lack of coffee and food, and recovering from my very long walk yesterday meant I wasn’t in the best shape, and then the pie shop wasn’t even open, so I had to settle for an anemic quesadilla before sitting in the library.

And then another long walk, down to 85th, and over to 15th to pick up a prescription that wasn’t there, and finally getting home just in time to walk the kids back to 85th and 1st to get their hair cut. After all that, I was broken. I wanted to stay at home and play with the cat, and play Blood Bowl, and rest.

As a compromise, we watched Kindergarten Cop with the kids. I felt nostalgic for our time in Astoria, and then fell asleep between the girls.

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