A long walk, spoiled?

We don’t have a car but I still wanted the girls to go on a hike, so about 9:30 this morning we all trooped off to Green Lake. That meant walking up to Phinney Ridge, then walking down a very big hill, doing a circumnavigation of the lake (about 5km) and then walking all the way at up the very big hill again, and then down to home.
I hadn’t calculated that this was actually one of their longest hikes, almost 11 km. Bear in mind that last week we did a 5k wall round a lake and they were falling asleep from exhaustion in the car on the way home. Somehow, through judicious application of snacks, we got them all the way around, back up the hill and fed them, before falling to bits on the last stretch home and letting them fade out onto our sofa.

Now I can hardly walk (20,000 steps will do that to you) but the girls are both sound asleep. We had a babysitter tonight so we could go to dinner with friends, and now I’m replete, filled with steak and ice cream and not wanting to move.

Chastening, the girls constantly spoke to their mother today and ignored me. This is a sign we need to do more to have them remember they have two parents. Or I need to bribe the with more snacks.

Tomorrow it’s 35°. Things could go a bit crasy

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  1. OMG. Our heat has broken, although it took days to reach us while the rest of the country was having rain. Then we had a day of rain and heat. I don’t miss it.

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