A long walk

We went for an easy hike with one of Destroyer’s school friends today, that turned into several hours of getting lost in the woods, while La Serpiente and Destroyer frequently ended up in tears after arguing about who would walk in front of the other. Ah, the memories we will treasure.
Clearly it had worn both girls out as they fell asleep on the way home, in between demanding snacks just after lunch. When we got back, I tested out our roof box by trying to fit all our camping supplies in. The good news is that the tent, the sleeping bags and all our clothes fit without any bother; the bad news is we still don’t know what else we should be taking.

In the evening, Destroyer had two hour long tantrums, first when we told her an hour of TV was enough and then another hour when I asked her to come and have her teeth brushed. By the time she went to bed she was totally frazzled, broken by all the emotion. That did make her sleep fast, of course …

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