A long way back

This morning I woke up about 630,a bit hungover, and after breakfast I left Vancouver, wanting to give enough time to make it through the border.
There are two crossing, Peace Arch (which took three hours yesterday) and Pacific Crossing, which I went through today and took about 30 minutes. I did get questioned about what I do (try to explain your job in a few seconds to a bored customs official) but he was quite complimentary that I’d brought all my paperwork with me. Then I just had to drive 100 miles south, feeling sad and blue with my family on the other side of the continent.

On the way back I got caught in another jam. This time, the median between the two sides of the highway had caught fire, and the local fire department were extinguishing the flames. When I’d been driving for two and a half hours I stopped and had coffee, feeling dreadful by then and not trusting myself behind the wheel.

I also no longer trust Google’s Voice Asustent, or at least I don’t trust it to control Spotify. Like parents in an acrimonious divorce:

"OK Google, play Bolt Thrower."
[long pause] "Asking Spotify to play Bolt Thrower."

And then nothing at all.

This recurred for every musical request I made. Google understood what I was saying, repeated it back to me, and then Spotify ignored both of us. Computers, eh?

I got home, played three games of Blood Bowl (drew one 2-2, won one 2-1 and lost another 2-0), unpacked some boxes, and now I’m off to bed, rejoicing in being in my own bed and not needing to drive anywhere in the morning.

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