A long way for a drink

With the children going to Nova Scotia for the summer, we had planned to drive them up to Vancouver (a couple of hours from Seattle) and have them fly from there.

I hired a car and we left our house just after 10, expecting to be with friends for a late lunch before 1pm.

And then we reached the border crossing.

This was insanity. We spent three hours sat in a line, inching forward once every five minutes, while the children grew more and more bored. I had thought of bringing books for them to read, but figured they might get car sick. If I’d known they would be sat there for so long, I would have reconsidered.

There’s three lanes as you go through Peace Arch : two slow ones for regular people and a fast lane for people with Nexus passes. Which meant a whole bunch of people would drive down the Nexus lane and then try and cut in. After two and a bit hours of waiting I was in no mind for this and obstinately blocked any clown trying to get in front. So not one of my finest moments as a human.

Still, by 4pm we were at last in Vancouver, and I could be reunited with my friends. And discover somebody had scratched the paint on the side of our hire car. Hurrah for damage waivers, of course.

We had a short stop for the kids to play and take on food, and then before I knew it they were off to the airport, and then I was down to the pub, or rather a distillery for a cocktail and two pubs. But after all that driving I needed something.

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