A long week by hump day

This has felt like a really long, arduous week, and to start Wednesday like that seemed ridiculous. Maybe it’s because yesterday I forgot to get out of my pyjamas until midday.
I took the girls on their usual lunchtime ride. Once I get them out, La Serpiente no longer complains about 4,or even five miles of riding. It’s costing me a fortune in cookies and pastries to bribe them with, and it’s not like Destroyer needs the extra food as she’s just sitting on the back of the bike. Still, we all get out of the house for a while and that’s what matters. I’ll miss it when we return to "normal".

The girls went berzerk this afternoon, playing their miniature violin from Singapore at ear splitting volume, and fighting against sleep. Destroyer had a proper little tantrum and then began to weep. Being tired is so tiresome… I put off doing the finishing touches on my MBA presentation – perhaps tomorrow night, instead of playing Blood Bowl, I’ll psych myself up to do it

Anyway, once again there is a child in bed next to me, so another disturbed night of sleep is ahead of me. Onward to Thursday, and the end of the week!

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